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Helping automotive recyclers become leaders in their industry

How It Works

Enter your details and a description of the issue you want to solve or the idea you have, the Salvage Insight system will link you to a consultant who has the ability to guide you to success.

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The consultant who receives the enquiry will schedule a free of charge discussion (up to 1 hour in length) with the client to understand the full extent of the work required. From this discussion a decision can be made on the next steps which could be:

•   Accept the work and issue a formal quotation

•   Agree that a more in depth investigation is required which will incur a cost to the client - issue a quotation for this investigation which could result in work acceptance and formal quotation

•   Decline the work, explain the reasons and recommend another company the client could approach (example, a legal challenge that requires a solicitor).

Typical Issues could be:

•   Current Competence

•   Health and Safety

•   Licensing

•   New technology

•   Profit

•   Regulation

•   Sales

•   Shipping and Logistics

•   Site Management

•   Staff

•   Standard Operating Processes

•   Training

•   Upselling

•   Waste

•   Yard Management

•   And much more……

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